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Soft White Bread and…. Home”

One of my all time favorite movies, is ‘The Homecoming, A Christmas Story,’ (1971)

I’m not sure what it is about this movie. Maybe it reminds me of my younger years, being back in my childhood home…lying on the floor in front of the tv, Mama on the couch sewing, my Daddy with his bowl of popcorn, in his favorite chair, my brother there as well. That feeling of safety, that feeling of …home. When I watch it, that old comfy feeling comes back….

Mary Ellen: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

Grandma: If this depression get’s any worse, you may have to.

Grandpa: It’ll never come to that. Franklin D. Roosevelt is gonna put this country on its feet again. You mark my words.

John-Boy: [Imitating F.D.R] My friends, and you are my friends…

Grandma: Now you hush with that disrespect. He’s your president!

(Grandma actually popped John-boy with her dish towel, if I remember correctly!)

Maybe there needs to be more dish towel popping’ (just sayin’!)

We recently moved into our house (after 4.5 years in a camper trailer while building!) The house isn’t actually finished, don’t get me wrong, it’s livable, we’re doing it! But, there are still things to be done….I know eventually we’ll get there, but does it feel like home?

I look at the pictures of my daughters when they were little, the pictures of their families, and my step-sons now with of our grandchildren, the pictures of my Daddy♥

Mama made me a beautiful lap quilt out of some of Daddy’s shirts and ties. Looking at it I can remember him wearing those shirts and how he smelled when I hugged him. I have it hanging on a quilt shelf in the living room, with pictures of him on the shelf.


In my craft-room, I have my Grandpa’s hat that I saw him wear so many Sunday’s to church, and the picture of him when he was 16, that he gave me on my 16th Birthday.  Grandma’s chicken collection….so many things that I hold dear, things that are making this house feel like….home.

I know, they are just things, but things with memories attached. Precious memories. Things that  I love and somehow make me feel loved♥♥

nothing is lost as long as we remember

One day, when I’m gone, maybe, my kids will find, among my things, that feeling that brings them back to an old familiar place, an old comfy feeling of long ago. When their Mama was younger.  When I held them close and sang while rocking them to sleep, when I read ‘Little House on the Praire’ books to them. When we popped corn, turned the lights off and “went to the movies,” while snuggled on the couch. Those long ago Christmas traditions of 12 tiny little boxes wrapped and hung on the tree, opening one each day to find which Christmas carol to sing that day.

All the simple little things we did together,  love filled ….

Lifetime ago memories and things that will bring them that comfy feeling…of home.


I love this song  by Miranda Lambert, especially this part :

You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can

I got lost in this old world and forgot who I am.

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it

This brokenness inside me might start healing.

Out here it’s like I’m someone else,

I thought that maybe I could find myself.

If I could walk around I swear I’ll leave.

Won’t take nothing but a memory

From the house that, built me.

Last night at church, my youngest little Granddaughter, said “YaYa, I want to spend the night with you….at Memaw’s.”  So precious, but I want her to know my home, and I want her ….to want….to spend the night with YaYa…at Yaya’s ♥

It will come…..


Now for the recipe!

Don’t ask me why, but I have been in a bread making mood. My husband asked me this morning, “what is with you and all this bread you’re making?”  really, don’t ask me!!

But, I have found one I really like.  I mix it in my bread machine with the dough cycle…(I know, I know…maybe that’s cheating alittle!) but, don’t mess with a good thing! Then, I take it out and place in loaf pan to bake.  It was delicious and…SOFT!

Soft White Bread

…makes 1 loaf…

1 c. hot water

2 t. yeast

3 T. sugar

1/4 c. vegetable oil

1 t. salt

3 c. all purpose flour

Pour the hot water, then yeast and sugar in your bread machine. Let it stand a few minutes, 5-7, while you grease your loaf pan.

Add the oil, salt, and flour and turn on your “dough” cycle.

***Oh, and I added about 1/2 stick of butter during the (machine) kneading process!!

(The dough cycle is a great option for making bread dough when you want to shape the loaves yourself. It saves alot of work and mess since it does all the mixing and kneading for you.)

Bake at 350 – 25 minutes.

Let let me know what you think!

God bless,



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Little Things & Peach Fried Pies

How I loved playing “house”when I was a little girl,  there was a patch of small pine trees near our house.  I would rake little paths in the pine straw to openings of pretend rooms under the trees, pushing my doll in her little carriage around on those paths, hours and hours of fun.

Boy, that was a “few years ago!”  These days, I find myself talking about hip replacements, health issues and grandbabies . Can I really be this old?!  Goodness the years fly don’t they?!  Speaking of grandbabies…..

being a grandma im completely undone

What joy moments spent with those little ones brings. Reading a book with a lapful of little ones, what can be better?!

My grands love to pretend they own a restaurant. They come over and ask for my order, I usually try for the cheeseburger, but most often they are out of those.  So I opt for the ‘special’ which is a wonderful array of  plastic fruits, vegetables, with usually a donut or scoop of ice cream tossed in. As I pretend to eat, here they come with another plate of plastic food piled high. The youngest, Gemma, brings around the little coffee pot and pours some in my cup, then in her mouth it goes, just to make sure it’s worth serving I’m sure.  She doesn’t have a care in the world.


I’m trying more and more to appreciate the little things.

Speaking of little things, I have a very simple little recipe tonight.


I’m almost ashamed to share this, it is so easy! Sometimes you just need a quick and easy something to throw together. Here is one!


Peach Fried Pies

1 can peach (or whatever fruit you choose) pie filling

2 pie crusts

oil for frying

Heat pie filling in a bowl in the microwave, or in a pan on top of stove, until heated through.

Roll out pie crusts, cut out circles of crust. (I used a large jar lid to cut mine.) Squares are fun to do as well. Spoon about 2 T. warm pie filling on half the circles, top with remaining circles and seal edges with fork.

Heat oil in heavy skillet (I used my cast iron.) When oil is hot, carefully place pies in 2 or 3 at a time using a slotted spoon. 

Fry about one minute then turn on other side 30-45 seconds. 

Remove from oil and drain on rack or paper towel covered plate.


1 cup powdered sugar

2 T milk

1/2 t vanilla

Whisk all together and drizzle on warm pies.

(Or you may just sprinkle with powdered sugar instead!)


Hope you enjoy!

God bless,




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Mrs Katie’s Butter Nut Cake

Mrs Katie is a dear lady who used to live in my hometown and go to our church. I have wonderful memories from long ago…church camp,  she went as a chaperone/counselor  a time or two.

She was always the kindest, gentlest lady, even when our group of girls cost her sleep at camp,  and no doubt we did!! She was at every church service and activity.  She always was kind and steady,  Mrs Katie is also a wonderful cook!

I recently asked her daughter for the history of a couple of her recipes. There are two recipes that I think of when I think of Mrs Katie, her Butternut Cake and her Chocolate Pie. Talk about …Yum!

This is what she said:

“The Butternut cake recipe was given to me when my husband and I lived in Alabama, where he was stationed at Camp Rucker Army Base in Enterprise.

Through our church we made a lot of good friends. There was a lot of good visits and food shared. One in particular memory was this cake my husband could not resist. It soon became his favorite over chocolate so I got the recipe before we left Enterprise.

To my surprise after returning to Arkansas I couldn’t find the flavoring anywhere. My bottle I brought home had run out, but I still had the bottle, so I contacted the manufacturing company for a bottle, but they sold only by the case (24 bottles). I ordered a case. Needless to say I had no trouble with that many.

Anyone who tasted the cake wanted the recipe and a bottle of flavoring. It still is liked and is such an attractive cake to see.”

Mrs Katie was is so right, and I can see why her husband loved this cake, even more than chocolate!!

I hope you can get your hands on some “Butternut” flavoring and try this beautiful bright yellow cake, it will not disappoint!

Butter Nut Cake

1 c. Oleo

2 c. Sugar

4 eggs

3 c. Flour

1 t. Baking powder

dash of salt

1 c. Sweet milk

1 T. butter nut flavoring

Cream oleo and sugar. Add eggs, and beat on high for 10 minutes. Add 1 c. Of the flour and beat for another minute. Add rest of flout and milk. Beat 1 minute and add flavoring.

Bake in 325* oven for approximately 30-35 minutes.

This makes 3 layers.


1 stick oleo

1 3oz. Pkg. cream cheese

1 box powdered sugar

1 T. Butter nut flavoring

1 c. Pecans

Cream oleo, cheese and sugar, add aflavoring, nuts an spread on cake.


You are in for a special treat ……and you may be like Mrs. Katie’s husband, and like it more than chocolate!!


God bless,






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Grandma’s Rice Pudding

My Daddy’s parents, Grandma and Grandpa Brown, were polar opposites of my Mama’s parents. They lived in town. 5A48B926-39F7-4A0A-B3AE-CAF1F465A207My Grandma worked at a department store downtown called ‘Timberlake’s,’ which had a wonderful toy department. My Grandpa, I don’t remember him ever working at a job. I know he’d had back surgery and his health wasn’t good. My Daddy always told me that Grandpa had a little store and he let people buy groceries on Credit when they were having hard times. Many never paid their bills so eventually Grandpa had to close the store.

How I love my Grandpa Brown. I remember being out in the yard with him and he would be picking up pecans and talking about Jesus. He was a man of faith, no wonder my precious Daddy was as  well.

I remember spending the night at their house. My Grandma would lay in the bed with me and tell me a story. It was always the same story lol, about and old woman and lots of stairs. She would change the sound of her voice and make the story so real.

Grandma had the softest skin. My Granddaughter, Molly will rub my arm sometimes and say “ YaYa, your arms are so soft.” When I rub them, they feel just like my Grandmas.

When I would get up in the morning, Grandpa would be in the kitchen and he would cook me an egg in a tiny little skillet. I can’t be sure, but I think it was cast iron.  He would have coffee on the stove perking, and we would sit down at the table in the kitchen.

There was a park about a block from their house, I spent many hours playing there. Grandpa and I would walk a block or so to see his Mother, my Great-Grandmother Brown. She was so small. She always had her long gray hair in a bun. I think she had a bird in a cage, but can’t be sure of that.

On my *16th*  Birthday, my Grandparents came over to our house. My Grandpa gave me a gift, he had wrapped it himself. It was a framed picture of him when he was *16.*  I’ll never forget, my Grandma said “Elbert, why would she want that picture?!” I said “This is the most wonderful gift I could ever get!!” And I meant that. I cherish that picture and that moment.

Thinking back, there’s was a tinyest little house, but it was large with love. I always felt safe and loved there. How I wish to go back and hug my Grandpa and tell him I love him one more time, to feel that soft skin on my Grandmas arm, and give her a hug, tell her I love her. We think we have all this time with our loved ones, but it goes so fast and before we know it they are gone, and it’s just …….  memories.

Precious memories how they linger❤️❤️B42F5BAD-0286-4957-B386-4B53D0CC2949


Today I’m sharing my Grandma Brown’s Rice Pudding. It is so delicious and easy.   I hope you will try it and let me know what you think.


Grandma Brown’s Rice Pudding

4 cups cooked rice

2 cups sugar

4 eggs

3 cups milk

1 T. vanilla

1/4 t. Nutmeg

2 T. Butter

Put rice in large bowl and stir all ingredients into rice while it’s still hot.

Spray your pan or dish and add mixture.

Sprinkle top with cinnamon.

Bake at 400 for 35 minutes or until set.


God bless,











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Chicken Pot Pie and Memories

nothing is lost as long as we remember

Hanging up on the end of my Grandmother’s upper cabinet, hung a long-handled scoop. When she got thirsty, Grandma would fill the scoop with water to sip from.

She always said she enjoyed washing dishes, said it relaxed her. She would fill one side of the sink with the dish water and in the other side, she placed a large white tin basin with red rim, filled with hot water. She would wash and drop the dish, glass, whatever into the hot, hot water. I would fish it out with a wooden spoon. Grandma would tell me all about her childhood as she washed those dishes. I can close my eyes and still see the steam from that hot water, and hear her voice.

long handled scoop                                                                        white basin

We spent Christmas Eve nights at my Grandmother’s house when I was a child. When we all arrived, there was an absolute feast prepared for us. She had to have cooked for days. Pies all over the counter in the dining room, dressing in the oven. Every kind of salad you can think of, the list goes on. Grandma wouldn’t put the rolls in the oven until the last one was on the way.

After eating, we would all move to the living room and gifts were passed out. It was crazy how many gifts there were, and as the family grew, the more gifts there were.  For years, we opened gifts all at the same time, but later, we began going around the room opening one gift at a time. It lasted longer and we were able to see what everyone received.  My brother and I would play with our new toys until it got late. Sometimes, Grandma would be silly and sing “I’ll have a Blue Christmas Without You,” and do a little funny dance. Oh how she mad me laugh.

Then she would be gathering up quilts and pillows and telling everyone where they would sleep. I always slept with my Aunt in her old room.  I remember sleeping under all those heavy quilts, Grandmas bed’s were the most comfortable ever.

Before I knew it, I would smell coffee, hear the kitchen radio blaring KCMC radio station, and would know Grandma was up to start breakfast. I would jump out of bed , rush to the kitchen to watch her. She would always say “there’s my girl, I knew you would be up soon.”

She always tried to get some homemade sausage from my Uncle James for Christmas mornings. She would have that on the stove, then make her * biscuits, ( which you already know how I loved to watch her make those!) Watching her make breakfast, one of my most favorite times with her.

I was her girl, she was so dear to me.


I have my own Grandchildren now,  what little things will they one day look back on and remember about me?   I hope they will be as precious as mine are.

Today I’m sharing a delicious Chicken Pot Pie recipe. What a comfort food. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

You can make several of these and freeze!

Chicken Pot Pie

Filling Ingredients:


1 T. salt

1 T. pepper

1 bag frozen mixed vegetables, 16 ounce, cooked and drained

1 small jar pimento, drained

1/3 c. self rising flour

1/2 c. cream or milk

melted butter or margarine


Crust Ingredients

2 c. flour

1 t. salt

1/3 c. Crisco

5 – 6 T. cold water

Make the Crust first. Combine flour and salt, cut in Crisco until crumbly. Add cold water, a little at a time, mixing until dampened. Turn out onto board or wax paper and  shape in circle. Wrap and refrigerate.

Place chicken in pan and barely cover with water. Add in salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, over and reduce heat, simmer about 1 hour, until done.

Remove chicken and let cool. Remove from bone. Set broth aside for later.

Mix flour and cream together and then add to 4 cups of broth, mixing until smooth. Add vegetables, pimento. Cook until thickened.

Preheat oven to 350*.

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Take half of crust and roll out on floured board. Place in 12 x 8  baking pan.

Spoon chicken mixture onto crust.

Roll out remaining crust and cut in strips.  Arrange strips on top of chicken mixture, brushing with melted butter.

Bake 1 hour until golden brown.

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God bless,


being a grandma im completely undone



Grandma was a farm wife, she got up early and milked the cows, I remember watching her, of course I always had to climb up to the hay loft and look for kittens to hold and want to take home.

Then she brought the milk in and poured it up in large jars. { Later, after other chores were done she would dip the cream from the top  of the milk. They  would drink it, and she would whip some of it for her wonderful strawberry shortcakes and other desserts.  The rest of the milk would sit in the jars to clabber.  Then it went in the churn to make butter,  after churning it went into the butter mold, next to be wrapped in wax paper.

This was am amazing process to a little girl.

Looks just like Grandmas churn!
This looks like Grandma’s Butter mold!

After milking, she would go out and check the feeders and waterers in the big chicken houses, and …pick up any dead chickens (sorry!!) Then she would go over to her “little” chicken house to feed those chickens and gather the eggs.

She had a garden, where she grew her wonderful vegetables. There was family owned cafeteria in our town, called ‘Bryces.’

Sadly it recently closed, but for years Grandma took her tomatoes and any other vegetables that she could spare, to Bryce’s, they would buy them from her.   In her younger years, she worked at Bryce’s ( maybe before I was born, I’m unsure) but I have to wonder if they taught her how to cook so deliciously, or if she taught them!!!!

bryces peach pie
Bryce’s Most Famous Peach Pie

Any time I would spend the night, at her house, I loved watching her make her biscuits. She had a “flour drawer!” It was just the drawer under her silverware drawer, she kept filled with flour. I always thought it was so neat.

I asked my Mama today if many ladies had “flour drawers” back when she was a girl, she said she only knew her Mama and her *Grandma (*Big Mama’s cake was her recipe) did.  Do you have a flour drawer or did your Mama or Grandma?! Please let me know!

Grandma made the best biscuits ever! She didn’t use a recipe, she just made them. I asked her one time to measure it all out for me, and I think she did, but I haven’t been able to find it. Hope I do come across it!  Those were  precious moments standing beside her and watching her make those biscuits. Wish I had realized it at the time.❤️

Precious memories, how they linger!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite biscuit recipes! (I have a few favorites!!)

You can make this mix up and place in a Tupperware/airtight container and make them as you want…like your very own  bisquick, only better!


Biscuit Mix

3 cups self-rising flour

1 1/2 t. baking powder

1 T. sugar

1 cup Crisco

Oil or bacon grease


Place flour and baking powder in a bowl and cut in shortening. Store in covered container in refrigerator.

To make 6 biscuits, use 1 cup mix with enough milk to moisten. Knead lightly on floured surface and cut out in circles, or spoon into pan.

*I heat my cast iron skillet with a little oil in it. Grandma had a cast iron biscuit pan, or at least i think it was, looked to be.  She would dip the top of her biscuits in the  heated oil, since she did this, I do it also.  (actually she used bacon grease) and turn them over so both sides were greased.   This makes for a wonderful slightly crunchy biscuit top.

Lodge Skillset   < Click here to order your own cast iron skillet from Amazon!!


God bless,



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Ventured out today to visit my oldest daughter and some of my grandbabies, despite the Arkansas snow! The roads were fine, and I was so glad cause I needed some of those sweet hugs and kisses. My daughter opened the door and I was greeted with smiles and hugs. Oh my heart.

The snow is still here, and I love it, however,  I’m beginning to go a little stir crazy. Bless  people’s hearts that live in states where there is a lot of snow! Lol, I know they don’t shut everything down for 3 inches though!!

There is a meatloaf in the oven, and it is smelling so good.

My husband has told me this is the best meat loaf he has ever tasted. I think it is pretty good myself, and it’s so easy!



  • Preheat your oven to 375* b6d769ed1c4a3053ebcde9319f99d07f
  • 2 pounds ground beef (I prefer ground chuck)
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 can tomato soup
  • 1/3 c. milk
  • 1/2 t. garlic powder
  • 1 t. ground sage
  • 1/2 t. pepper
  • 1 t. seasoning salt
  • 1/3 cup oats, uncooked
  • 1 small can green chilies
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 1/4 c. croutons, crushed (or breadcrumbs)

Combine crushed croutons, onion, chilies, oats, salt, pepper, sage,  and garlic powder in a large bowl and mix well.

Stir in milk, tomato soup, eggs, then mix in beef until well combined.

Shape into a loaf in a 13 x 9 baking dish.

Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes, or until done.


Of course, I serve it with mashed potatoes! Doesn’t everyone?

Hope you will try it and let me know what you think!!



God bless,